Friday, December 12, 2008

CCIE R&S LAB FRAME-RELAY configuration

Today we are going to discuss few things about  CCIE R&S LAB  FRAME-RELAY  configuration .

Topics to Cover :

The important Frame-Relay topics that you have to cover for CCIE R&S lab are .

1.  FR hub & spoke configuration with point to point subinterfaces  & multipoint subinterfaces.

2. FR full mesh configuration with point to point subinterfaces  & multipoint subinterfaces.

3. FR hub & spoke or full mesh configuration without subintefaces.

4. Disabling inverse-arp & clearing dynamically learned maps.

5. Configuration of FREEK ( FR end to end keepalives. )

6.PPP Authentication over FR.

Resources :

1. univercd

2. Internetwork Experts COD.

3.Internetwork Experts  volume 1 advanced technoligies lab.

4.Narbiks soup to nut labs.

Points to remember.

1. If you are asked to configure FR hub & spoke by limiting broadcasts b/w spoke routers do not use the " broadcast " key word for FR Map commands from spokes to spokes.

Ex :


           R2                             R3

R1 is the hub router have look at R2 configuration.

Rack1R2(config)#int s1/0
Rack1R2(config-if)#en fr
Rack1R2(config-if)#no sh
Rack1R2(config-if)#frame-relay map ip 201 broadcast 
Rack1R2(config-if)#frame-relay map ip 201

2. In case of FREEK attach the map-class to proper subinterface or proper DLCI  & after FREEK configuration verify EEK status .


Rack1R2#SH FRAMe-relay PVc 

PVC Statistics for interface Serial1/0 (Frame Relay DTE)

  Active Inactive Deleted Static
  Local 0 1 0 0
  Switched 0 0 0 0
  Unused 0 3 0 0


3. Always use  "no frame-relay inverse-arp"  command before applying " no sh " if you are asked to do so.

4. You can change the full status polling interval of FR VC without changing the keepalive by using the interface level  " frame-relay lmi-n391dte  ---- " command.

5. The virtual template interface created for PPP authentication over FR  does not need

  " encapsulation frame-relay"  command.

Verification Commands.

   sh frame-relay map 

   sh frame-relay pvc 201

   sh frame-relay end-to-end

   sh frame-relay end-to-end keepalive 

   debug ppp authentication 

   sh frame-relay multilink 



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